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Making the Muslim Atlantic: IGTV Film by Nadir Hahadi

The Muslim Atlantic isn’t a fixed thing: It’s what we make it. In this IGTV film, presenter Nadir Nahdi explores the different lived experiences of American and British Muslims and how these are part of making the Muslim Atlantic.

Making the Muslim Atlantic: IGTV Film by Nadir Hahadi2023-08-16T01:25:23+00:00

Listening While Muslim: The Muslim Atlantic Edition

This special edition of Listening While Muslim unleashes the aural power of the Muslim Atlantic and explores the threads of sounds, words, and rhythms that tie cultures and peoples together. Be ready to be surprised – when you listen like a Muslim, it’s easy to hear the familiar like you never have before. Muneera Pilgrim joins Rasul Miller as they take us on a sonic soul journey to uncover what it means to live Muslim on both sides of the Atlantic. Presented by Asad Ali Jafri and Abdul-Rehman Malik.

Listening While Muslim: The Muslim Atlantic Edition2023-08-16T01:26:02+00:00

Muslim Atlantic’ issue of Critical Muslim

This issue of Critical Muslim explores the idea of a ‘Muslim Atlantic’ by looking at transatlantic connections between Muslim communities in the US and the UK. It features essays, photography, drama, and more from Muneera Williams, Aina Khan, Rasul Miller, Abdul-Rehman Malik, Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed, and Sohail Daulatzai, among others.

Muslim Atlantic’ issue of Critical Muslim2023-08-16T15:41:28+00:00

Race and Securitization in the Muslim Atlantic Workshop

The second Muslim Atlantic workshop sessions were held at the British Islam Conference in London, in February 2020. These sessions focused on debates about 'race and securitization in the Muslim Atlantic' centering discussions on the current contexts of the Muslim Atlantic in the Trump/Johnson era, historical lineages traced from Malcolm X, and how policy is shaped in these securitized transatlantic contexts.

Race and Securitization in the Muslim Atlantic Workshop2023-08-16T01:27:04+00:00

Maydan Roundtable: Securitization in Transatlantic Perspective

This roundtable discussion on The Maydan considers counterterrorism policies in Britain and the United States in transatlantic perspective. The UK Prevent strategy, American CVE strategy, and the wider environment of securitization of which they are part are debated by a panel of experts. The roundtable brings together two experts who have worked primarily in the US, Zareena Grewal and Shirin Khan, and two who have worked primarily in the UK, Narzanin Massoumi and Sadek Hamid and considers a range of issues such as the appropriateness of using the label ‘terrorism’.

Maydan Roundtable: Securitization in Transatlantic Perspective2023-08-16T01:26:36+00:00

Black Muslim Atlantic Symposium

The Duke Islamic Studies Center is hosting a conference on ‘The Black Muslim Atlantic’ whose purpose is to honor the Black Muslim community in North Carolina and beyond, its culture, literature, history, and legacy from slavery until the present.

Black Muslim Atlantic Symposium2023-08-16T01:37:53+00:00

The Drinking Gourd: A Black Muslim Literary Magazine

Taking its name from a Black American folk song on finding the North Star, this magazine provides a space where ‘Black Muslims can articulate their experiences, passions, and selves outside of appeals to authority or dogma‘.

The Drinking Gourd: A Black Muslim Literary Magazine2023-08-16T01:42:43+00:00

The Canary Islands Connection

How is the agricultural and culinary heritage of Muslim North Africa, Iberia, and the Levant reflected in what gets grown and eaten in North America?

The Canary Islands Connection2023-08-16T01:47:52+00:00

Critical Muslim

A quarterly publication of ideas and issues showcasing ground-breaking thinking on Islam and what it means to be a Muslim in a rapidly changing, interconnected world.

Critical Muslim2023-08-16T01:49:51+00:00

The geo-politics of Malcolm X

Malcolm X is a powerful optic through which to understand America's post-war ascendance and expansion into the Middle East.

The geo-politics of Malcolm X2023-08-16T01:47:29+00:00

Mapping the Muslim Atlantic Report

‘Mapping the Muslim Atlantic’ — the first report from this project — provides an overview of key links formed between US and UK Muslims, including networks of various Islamic traditions first built in the 1950s and 60s as well as more recent networks of political solidarity and professional ties. The report identifies three core themes in contemporary transatlantic Muslim discourse, namely gender, race, and the securitization of Islam and Muslim communities. We consider how the terms of these discussions differ on both sides of the Atlantic and key points of convergence and divergence.

Mapping the Muslim Atlantic Report2023-08-16T01:28:02+00:00

Muslims of early America

Muslims came to America more than a century before Protestants, and in great numbers. How was their history forgotten?

Muslims of early America2023-08-16T01:53:23+00:00

A Moorish Pirate in Old New York

…excerpted from Peter Lamborn Wilson’s Pirate Utopias: Moorish Corsairs & European Renegades (Brooklyn, NY: Autonomedia, 2003).

A Moorish Pirate in Old New York2023-08-16T01:52:43+00:00

Malcolm X at Oxford: “They’re Going to Kill Me Soon”

Just before his assassination, the radical black activist took part in a debate at Oxford. Tariq Ali recalls their meeting, which left him in a state of shock – and is now the subject of a TV show

Malcolm X at Oxford: “They’re Going to Kill Me Soon”2023-08-16T01:52:03+00:00


The Black Muslim Atlantic, African American Muslims and The Single Story — a Patheos article on the Muslim Anti Racism Collaborative (MuslimARC)


Listen: Laila Fadel in NPR–Black Muslims Step Into Spotlight

Part of the Muslims In America: A New Generation—“Black Muslims in America are reclaiming and highlighting their traditions. In Los Angeles, Jihad Saafir is converting his father's storefront mosque into a vibrant community center and school”.

Listen: Laila Fadel in NPR–Black Muslims Step Into Spotlight2023-08-16T01:55:13+00:00

Aina Khan in Al Jazeera: Britain’s Black Muslims

Britain's black Muslims: Ignored, discriminated and resisting. Mostly of African or Caribbean background, black Muslims are raising awareness of the centrality of blackness to Islam.

Aina Khan in Al Jazeera: Britain’s Black Muslims2023-08-16T15:03:19+00:00

The Greenbelt Festival

Lineup for the annual Greenbelt Festival in Boughton House, United Kingdom, an originally Christian festival, now features performers from an array of faith backgrounds.

The Greenbelt Festival2023-08-16T01:57:09+00:00
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