June 22, 2024

Muslim Atlantic’ issue of Critical Muslim

This issue of Critical Muslim considers the idea of a ‘Muslim Atlantic’ by looking at transatlantic connections between Muslims. Inspired by Paul Gilroy’s work on the ‘Black Atlantic’, the issue includes essays, photography, drama, and more on issues of race, gender, security, and popular culture.

Critical Muslim is a literary magazine edited by Ziauddin Sardar. The ‘Muslim Atlantic’ project co-investigators Daniel Nilsson DeHanas and Peter Mandaville served as guest curators for a portion of this issue.

Visit the links below to explore!

What Is the Muslim Atlantic? Daniel Nilsson DeHanas & Peter Mandaville

Realising a Muslim Atlantic Aisha Khan

Return to Almadies Amandla Thomas-Johnson

Closed Minds Ahmed Younis

The Muslim International Sohail Daulatzai

Traveller Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed

White Muslim, Black Muslim Juliette Galonnier

Dangerous Ideas Abdul-Rehman Malik

Black Radicalism Rasul Miller

Security Shirin Khan

Back to Bristol Tanya Muneera Williams

Echoes across the Pond C Scott Jordan

Black Female Muslim Emcees Aina Khan

American Griot [play excerpt] Reginald Edmund & Ronnie Malley

Malcolm X Still Speaks: Nine Quotes Kayla Renée Wheeler

More content including fiction, poetry, and book reviews in the full issue:

Full Issue Part 1 | Full Issue Part 2 | Full Issue Part 3